How Long is a Valorant Game?

How long is a valorant game?

Competitive gaming can be time-consuming. Valorant is no exception. When you are limited on time it’s great to know how long will you be gaming to plan ahead. So if you are about to get into Valorant and are wondering how long is a Valorant game, I got you.

Valorant Match Length (Unrated/Competitive)

Note: The following section describes the Unrated and Competitive game modes of Valorant. Those are the longest ones. Quick modes like Deathmatch, Escalation, or Spike Rush will be described later on.

Let’s break down the match itself first. Both Competitive and Unrated game modes are played as a best of 25 rounds. This means the first team to win 13 rounds wins. You can expect that in general games in Valorant will be shorter than for example in CS:GO where you pay the best of 30.

Unrated/Competitive Match (No Overtimes)

Example of the Valorant match that lasted 38 minutes and had a score 13:8

Below you will find timings for all the stages of the game, including agent pick, buy phase, etc. Those timings are the same for both Unrated and Competitive.

  • Agent Pick: 85 seconds
  • Buy Phase (Half start): 45 seconds
  • Buy Phase: 30 seconds
  • Rounds Length: 1:40 minutes
  • Spike Timer: 40 seconds

On average you can expect a regular game of Valorant to last around 35-40 minutes.

Competitive Match Length (With Overtimes)

Example of the Valorant match that lasted 50 minutes and had a score 12:14

But here’s the catch: in patch 1.03 Riot Games introduced such thing as overtime for competitive games. If you tied 12-12 the game moves to the 2-round win overtime. The team has to win 2 rounds consequently to win. If it doesn’t happen both teams are presented to the vote to continue or finish the game as a draw.

The overtime theoretically can last forever but with the current coting system, the reasonable maximum is three overtimes, thus extra 6 rounds.

  • 1st overtime – required
  • 2nd overtime – vote (6 votes to call a draw)
  • 3rd overtime – vote (3 votes to call a draw)
  • 4th+ overtime – vote (1 vote to call draw)

That brings us to 50-60 minutes of a competitive match in Valorant with overtimes.

Early Finish

Of course, there is a chance of an early finish of the game. If someone disconnects at the beginning of the match it can be remade. Throughout the game any team can also surrender for different reasons: the match went one-sided, multiple players left, the team lacks moral, etc. Even those one-sided games when you dominate (or get dominated) 13:0 can wrap up as quickly as 20 minutes, without early surrender.

Valorant Deathmatch/Escalation/Spike Rush Length

Valorant Escalation, Dathmatch and Spike Rush icons

There are shorter game modes in Valorant as well, they are fun to p[lay and don’t take much of your time. There are three of those game modes at the moment: Deathmatch, Escalation, Spike Rush. Any of these game modes will take a maximum of 15 minutes of your time. That’s definitely a good option if you are on a “time budget”.


Deathmatch is free for all PvP game with no rounds, no teams, no respawn delays. You spawn randomly on a map, pick a weapon of your choice and get to killing. First to get 40 kills or score the most points by the end of the game wins.

As you see there is a time limit, the game will not run forever. Deathmatch starts with a 1:30 minutes warmup and then 10 minutes of the actual game. The maximum amount length of the Deathmatch is 11:30 minutes.

Deathmatch can finish early if one gets 40 kills, but usually, it happens in the last few minutes so keep in mind those eleven and a half minutes.


This is a Valorant’s version of the Arms Race. You got two teams, and you level up your weapons by getting kills. There are a few more fun things like snowball launchers and Raze RPG’s but let’s leave that for now.

Escalation also has a 1:30 min warmup for the players to connect and load and then you play for 12 minutes. The team can also win early by getting enough kills on the last weapon but that’s unlikely to happen early. So you can expect the Escalation to last 13:30 minutes.

Spike Rush

This is the most unusual mode in Valorant. Regular 5v5 but with set weapons for every round and power-ups scattered across the map. This mode aims to be as fast as possible. You got:

  • Agent pick: 85 seconds
  • Buy phase: 20 seconds
  • Round: 1:20- minutes
  • Spike: 20 seconds

Each game is a best of 7 with sudden death. So the team who first wins 4 rounds wins the game. Even with all the 7 rounds played, the game of Spike Rush will barely exceed 10 minutes.

Time is Ticking

I just want to say that if for some reason you have a limited amount of time available to a game (you have to go somewhere or your parents set you a limit) don’t risk playing unrated/competitive if you barely fit the timeslot.

As an example, you got 30 minutes to play and you are thinking of playing competitively. You never know where the game will go and if you are unlucky it can go for a long time. That may result in an angry mom, boss, and penalty for abandoning the match.

Stick to something quick and easy, like Escalation. I had big fun playing it when writing down timings for this guide so you should try it too. And most importantly, have fun.

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